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What is a Celebrant?

In a nutshell - A Celebrant is someone who officiates or leads a ceremony in a celebratory fashion. Not restricted by religion, or legal licenses imposed by legal venue registration.

So does that mean you can't have any religious content?

No, if you want to have religious or spiritual references and content then; a Celebrant can include them into your ceremony, unlike a Humanist Celebrant. But if you want a purely religious service I would recommend that you speak to your local church leader or an Interfaith Minister, to see if they can accommodate your service requirements.

What makes a Celebrant service different?

A Celebrant led service can be held anywhere, it is not restricted by venue licenses so you can have one held almost anywhere. You are bound by the limits of your imagination. PLUS you are not restricted by traditional formats, it can be as you want it to be, with as many or as few rituals you would like. It is unbound by religion or tradition. 

What's the difference between a Humanist and a Celebrant Ceremony?

Each celebrates the human spirit and values, the only difference is there are to be no spiritual or religious references within a Humanist ceremony.

What do Celebrants believe?

Each of us is different and has different personal beliefs but the one thing we all have in common is that life is to be celebrated - hence the name.