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Life Story Preparation

A life lived is packed with events that have meaning, some bad but hopefully mainly good. Sometimes it is the mundane everyday activities that have the most bearing and hold the most value. The regular visit with a friend for a cuppa n a chat. Those family gatherings that have waxed and waned over the years. 

There are those that we have loved and lost, those who have been kind and generous along our life path. For those with children they will have featured heavily through certain years of your life being the centre of your very being. And when they flew the nest your life carried on into a new phase. If you became a grandparent then your life may have altered again. 


When we die we rely on those left behind to tell our story, to fill in the gaps to tell of our adventures, struggles, achievements, interests, loves and passions and what you may consider to be the dull everyday. Invariably when overcome with grief  the gaps in knowledge and understanding of your whole life becomes clear. And because it has not been shared it is lost forever as the memories cannot be shared.

As a celebrant I am aware of the distress and disappointment that loved ones have because they 'don't know'. At the time of your death, those who love and care for you, for whom you have been ever present want to honour and recognise the contribution you have made to their life and give thanks, paying their respects and celebrating all that you have done for and meant to them - because they love you.

The Life Story Planning aspect of my Celebrant services will enable you to tell me your life story, which you can add to throughout the remainder of your life. By doing so, you will ease the distress caused when planning your funeral. Your Life Story can be kept with your End of Life Plan papers so that when the time comes they do not have additional worries about the Tribute to you, whom ever should deliver it. 

Within every ordinary life there is always something extraordinary that shines through. It is my role as a Life Story Teller to share those golden nuggets and preserve them for future generations to share. 

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