A Life Story

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A Good Funeral is a Celebration of the Life Lived

The passing of a loved one leaves us feeling lost, with a sense of emptiness. Whatever age or circumstance every life deserves to be recognised and celebrated.

As The Life Story Teller I can provide ‘A Good Funeral’ by:


Telling the story of the unique life lived

Celebrating their achievements and values

Recognising their contributions to the lives of those who knew them

Sharing their interests and passions

Recalling happy memories and poignant moments

Seamlessly incorporating music and carefully chosen verse

Including personal messages and tributes from family and friends

Delivering a narrative and providing a ceremony with warmth and compassion


Most of us may feel we lead ordinary lives but within each life there is something extraordinary


Each and every one has it’s own individual story to be told.

Whether the funeral is self organised by you, an Independent funeral director or multi national –

The life story teller is fundamental to delivering a celebration of life ceremony that truly reflects the life lived. They are central to the proceedings and the thread that weaves everything together for you on this most important of days.


Be the service or ceremony within a crematorium, woodland, cemetery or private plot.

Whether they be in a casket of bamboo, decorated cardboard, or mahogany – each deserves an appropriate, personal send-off.

One that recognises who they were, their life and what they meant to you.

As those that depart, leave this earth we want a good funeral to not only celebrate the life lived but to enable those left behind to move forward. Knowing we have honoured and paid our respects to the ones we have known and loved can positively support the natural grieving process.

So, no matter the age or circumstances, let me support you through this emotional experience and share the life story of those who have meant so much.

As music plays the soundtrack to their life accompanied by poignant verse that reflects the life lived or the emotions felt, some of which may be written by you. Embracing your memories and those of others ensuring that each has their moment to share paying tribute to one who has meant so much.

"Thanks again for a superb day yesterday, everyone unanimously said what a great celebration of Trish’s life it was."  - RW, Broxbourne , Read More

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