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Your Love Story

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So, you're getting hitched - Congratulations!

Wow - there is so much reeling around your head.  Your friends are probably asking about what type of wedding it’s going to be, where, when?  And you may be feeling the pressure a little bit – either that or you have a fixed idea of what you want and how it’s going to be.


Whatever you decide, it is without doubt going to be one of the most memorable days of your life and whether you are planning a simple affair or something more elaborate. This day is all about your love for each other and celebrating it your way.

Your day is all about YOU, about what has brought you to this point.. your love story. 

It will also be about your future life together – hopes and dreams and what you want that journey to be. The way you feel about each other, when and how you first met, your first kiss, the attraction, the adventures so far..and those that you hope to share.


This special day is not all about the wedding dress or venue, ...

..its about the feelings that you have for one another. About surrounding yourselves with those who have been on the path with you to this point, but also those who will be at your sides helping to create your shared memories of the future. About everything that you mean to each other and celebrating that love and sharing your story – the highs and lows and the future you will write together as you venture on the next chapter of your life together. Whatever your attire it will reflect your individuality, your venue the setting for your love to shine

Expressing the way you feel in your own inimitable style ..

..whether that be through your sense of fun, thirst for adventure and new experiences or in a traditional style, it will be as unique as you are. Whatever your choice of venue be it a vineyard, meadow, garden, hotel, under the night skies, in a tipi with burning beacons symbolising the love that burns brightly - it will reflect who you are as a couple.


Marriage is a celebration of your love... be shared with those that you love and love you in return and share your happiness wishing you all the best and being part of your life story.


As your independent wedding Celebrant, it is my privilege to tell your love story so far, your hopes and dreams and the shared values that form the basis of your future together with those you love and love you in return.

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"...........the consummate professional throughout the wedding planning process and during the wedding day itself. She spoke individually and collectively to the bride and groom in advance of the day in order to find the correct balance and atmosphere for the wedding ceremony. Her manner was warm throughout and yet she maintained a professional demeanour which reflected the serious commitment being made......" - J. Suffolk