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What Are They?

Good Question!

Throughout our lives we commemorate or celebrate the key events in our lives. Whether that be the unification of two people through their love for each other, a new life coming into our lives, or our final hurrah as we leave this earth.

These events were in the past primarily held by the church of faith but now as we live in a more secular society with more independant thinking, it is recognised that not all wish to follow the route of a denominational church and be defined by religion. That said a civil ceremony doesn't mean you have to leave out a favourite hymn - it's a relaxed all inclusive approach.

A Life celebration ceremony does exactly what it says on the tin - ceremonies that celebrate life stages - with respect, love and most importantly reflective of who you are, your values, your love and your life. They can be quirky, traditional, sophisticated or just plain fun - it's your ceremony, do it your way!

Ceremonies and the Law


Weddings & Partnerships - When getting married or entering a civil partnership then you need to make your legal commitment and sign the registry in a licensed premises.

A civil ceremony performed by a Civil Celebrant, like me, is not legally binding but what it does do is provide you flexibility to have your ceremony where you want, how you want in your own personal style reflecting who you are. 

New Life & Beginnings -  when a new life enters this world it must be registered at your local registry office. When the legal stuff is done you can then Welcome the new life into your family in the way that you want to when you are ready.

A Life Lived - Once a death has been certified it must be recorded. If you choose not to use a Funeral Director but lay out the deceased, book your own slot at the crematorium or Woodland Burial Park etc or liase with the cemetery for your family plot then you can do so. Most people are too distressed and so the majority opt for the services of a Funeral Director. 

When a person dies the ceremony at the end of life should be as personal as you would like it to be - if that means dressing up the coffin with personal messages of love on post-it-notes because the deceased was a stationary lover then you can do it! After all everyone deserves a good funeral.

What does a Celebrant do?

We officiate the ceremony, some will help to script the ceremony for you capturing the life story to date and what has led you to this point. Then deliver it in a life affirming way enabling you to take the next steps on your life journey.

We will spend time with you to ensure that we have all the little details that reflect that which is important to you, ensuring that your ceremony is reflective of who you are.

Why should you chose a Celebrant led ceremony ?

There are many celebrants to choose from and I would recommend that you meet/speak to as many that appeal to you and find out more about the type of services that they offer. If you want someone to tell your story in a life affirming way, to celebrate life and the glory of the individual, the beauty of love and unification. Why not give me a call and we have a no obligation chat to see if we gel?

Wedding Party

" Many thanks Jane. The service was stunningly beautiful...." GC, Welwyn Garden City