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Love, Hopes & Wishes

When a new life enters your family this is a natural cause for celebration.

Whether they be the fruits of your love or be through adoption or surrogacy this is a wonderful time for new beginnings.

It is a period when family come together to support you recognising the help that every new life brings. When new friends are made and support networks found. An adopted child faces their own challenges emotionally and as any parent knows this isn't limited to adoption. 


What better way to recognise the exciting times ahead and the bonds of love that will tie you together through the ups and downs than through a naming ceremony. To bring all those who at the current time and hopefully long into the future will be there not only at your side but that of your child on the  life adventure ahead. To publicly declare your love, hopes and good wishes for this new relationship and bond, with those who mean much to you.

A declaration can take many forms, there are many ceremonies which will cement the love for the child while acknowledging the role that other have to play. Inclusion for everyone with you, your family and those you hold dear demonstrating the commitment you have to this new family addition. As the African proverb goes 'It takes a village to raise a child', so bring your village together in support of the new family member.

No matter the age it is a significant day recognising their name, it's meaning and the unconditional love you will provide throughout their life. I rather think of it as a welcoming ceremony - welcoming them into your life, home, family and circle of friends who will be there to help to steer them. 

This is the beginning of their life story, one which will be enveloped in a circle of love.

"Thank you so much for yesterday. Millie's ceremony was very good and we all really enjoyed it." ...  K. Sinnot, Welwyn Garden City

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