Jane Moseley, Celebrant


...every life stage should be celebrated

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I am of the belief that every stage of our life should be celebrated.


Life is to be enjoyed, shared and lived, so that we can be the best that we can be.

Each life is different, each dream is a hope, each achievement a success. Each of us is an individual surfing the sea of life seeking others with the same shared dreams hopes and ambitions. 

On occasion we find these like minded people who want to be with us and that feeling is reciprocal. Some of us may be fortunate enough to find our soulmate or life partner to share the peaks and troughs of lifes adventure with. As we travel through life we meet others who may or may not stay on our path but they leave their footprint on our soul for the time we journey together on our life adventure.

The wonderful high when we fall in love and make a commitment to share our life.

When new life is born into this  world it should be welcomed and celebrated surrounded by those who will oversee and help steer it's along their life journey, if not all the way then in part. 

There are those who's life journey has not had the best of starts and they begin a new stage of their life as they are welcomed into a new family to be loved as one of their own. 

Enduring love is not something to be sneezed at. To have the ability to continue to love and share a life with someone for many many years should be recognised and celebrated, as this is no mean achievement. 

And at our journeys end, we will have lived a life that has been shared with others along the way, we will have loved, laughed and hopefully been happy.  

I am of the belief that every stage of our life should be celebrated; that everyone has a Life Story to be told, to be told in chapters, at those key moments. Why should we wait 'til the end for our Life Story to be told?  Let's celebrate our life achievements in a life affirming way with Life Celebration Ceremonies.

As a Celebrant my role is to help you tell your story, at your ceremony, your way. An intuitive empath with a listening ear by nature.


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