Covid 19 Considerations

Covid 19 has thrown a spanner in the works for so many, whether it be a funeral or wedding celebration. Just bringing people together at an important time in  our lives has been difficult. Its meant that we have not been able to commemorate life changing events in the usual way. However, while some events may be postponed, others most certainly cannot. 

As your Celebrant your safety and those of the families I serve remain paramount throughout. Since the pandemic I have facilitated and embraced new technology to ensure that services of all types can be delivered safely and within government guidelines.

For those who are grieving a loved one, family meetings continue in the same way when possible at a social distance, online via Zoom/Facetime/WhatsApp/ Google Meetings/ Teams or by phone. 

Every aspect of our lives is being lived differently and ceremony planning is no different.

When someone dies, currently only 30 people are allowed to attend, so a webcast enables others who are either safeguarding, at a distance or just due to restriction can't attend in person.  For weddings this is reduced further to 15 ( as I write).

The majority of funeral services have an Order of Service, the standard format is 4 pages but you could make it so much more by turning this into a memorial booklet. By including more photographs it becomes more of a keepsake and can be sent to non attending family and friends in memory. In so doing you provide them with something personal and provides closure in a memorable way.

Having the opportunity to remember the person and share memories can be done in a personal way, consider the sharing of fond memories through the personal delivery of  tributes, these can be delivered on the day or by a pre-recorded video.  There are strict guidelines about the wearing of Facemasks, but this can be facilitated in a way that is informal and relaxed and as no wake can be held, why not hold it at the time of the funeral?

For some there is no funeral service at all as many opt for Direct Cremation or Cremation Without Ceremony; for those left behind this can be difficult as there is no formal goodbye. So it is ever more imperative that when restrictions are eased, people come together and hold a memorial service in celebration for those who have died.


Whether that be through a scattering of ashes or ashes internment ceremony.  Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to have a BBQ and the deceased are present in the ornamental urn that you have decided to retain their ashes in.  Such a gathering is an opportunity to talk to one another, to remember your loved one and celebrate everything that was wonderful about them; in the way that you would like to. Thereby ensuring that their memory lives on while enabling you to grieve.

It's time to think differently. In order to preserve good mental health, it's important that we allow ourselves to grieve and say goodbye to those we love in a way that enables us to express and reflect our love for them, ensuring that their memory lives on.  


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel I can help you in this regard.