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Unique to You

Every one freshly scripted 

After all it's Your Life, Your Story, Your Ceremony, Your Way. 

Each told with compassion. 

Delivered with Flair. 

Reflecting You, Your Loved Ones and the Love You share.

Your Love Story

This is it you have found the one! You are in love and are excited at the prospect of a shared life, making memories together. Your Wedding is the next step to celebrate your love and dreams for the future.

A Life Story

Funerals are often thought of as a somber affair. A life has been lived and this is an opportunity to remember the laughter as well as the tears. To pay our respects, honour a life through a good funeral.

Our Love Story

Reaffirming  your love and commitment to one another, sharing your story thus far as you proceed to the next chapter of your life together. No matter your age this continued declaration is a celebration of your love

A Child's Story

No matter the age of the child being welcomed into your family through birth or adoption. Or maybe you're celebrating two families becoming one. 

A naming ceremony is a celebration of this first chapter.

Why a Celebrant ?

I don't know about you, but I don't know two people who are exactly the same either in their personality, looks or life experience. Each is an individual. So, why would each of their Life Celebration Ceremonies be the same?


At every stage in our life we change, not just physically but emotionally; as do the things we value and the friends we surround ourselves with, while family remains as a constant in varying personalities as some die and others are born.

Each of our key life events should be celebrated to reflect the individuals we are. Our dreams, hopes, aspirations, achievements and of course our love. As your ceremony officiant I can help you achieve the ceremony you dream of.

Each ceremony undertaken by me is individual, with your story at the core.  As unique as it can be, just like the life stories being told ... 

My Story

Hello! I am Jane...

 Life Story Teller Celebrant. 

When my husband and I married we had a ceremony in our back garden - best decision we ever made. We had our wedding our way, our vows were different -  we've stuck to them by the way.

But when my Dad died it was very different, it was like attending the funeral of a stranger. Something I decided no one should have to experience, so I trained and the rest as they say is history.

A Celebrant who is an intuitive empath by nature with a listening ear - that's me...

" Thanks again for a superb day yesterday, everyone unanimously said what a great celebration of Trish’s life it was. " - RW, Broxbourne

Life Story Teller Process

I will meet with you to hear your story. 

Will script a Life Celebration Ceremony to reflect your story.

You will approve all content prior to delivery

I will officiate on the day of your ceremony

You will receive a presentation copy of the ceremony delivered


For those who wish to alleviate the distress for loved ones upon your death, I provide the opportunity to tell me your living story. Enabling you to tell your story, your way - to share your adventures, values and life lessons.

What's your life story, which chapter are you ready to celebrate?


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with this Funeral.
I am very grateful that you have gone the extra mile with this family and also helped me with completing the order of service yourself.

T.Jones, Funeral Arranger

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